My Favorite Tools


We all have our favorite tools, and in IT, like carpenters, we love our tools and defend them as if they were our little treasures.

With that said, let’s check my favorite tools. I don’t care what your tools of choice are; mine are better!😂

IDE – Just the best period!

Oh yeah, I love VSCodium because it is VSCode without the weird stuff like telemetry and tracking 🤢, and you can still use all the extensions.👍

Take a look at this beauty! 😍

To install this beauty on your Windows 10/11, just open PowerShell with admin privileges and run:

winget install vscodium


This is a tricky one since I love most of the tools used for virtualization, but I always resort to two of them.

For a Type 1 Hypervisors, I always use Proxmox or ESXi, but Proxmox is definitely my go-to!


For Type 2 Hypervisors, I don’t know why, but I always end up using VirtualBox, even in Windows. Go figure!🤔


VPN Server

Throughout your career, you will need to install a VPN server, and for simplicity, Pritunl is the best. Pritunl uses OpenVPN and WireGuard as a service. You can easily configure routes and groups, and you will get your VPN server up and running in no time!



Well, if you need a fierce all-in-one firewall and intrusion detection system that is also a router and a VPN server, you’ve found it: it’s pfSense.



Ok, I like Docker, but I feel that I need to learn LXD deeply. 😥

But I still use Docker because of this wonderful GUI, portainer!


Operating System

Okay, I mostly use Windows for my work, but Linux is my favorite OS. Nowadays, Linux is user-friendly, so give it a try!😇


Omnichannel Communication Server

Okay, you’ve figured it out by now that I have a crush on Open-Source tools, and it’s not difficult to guess what the next VoIP, email, and chat server will be.

You guess it, it’s Issabel!

Issabel is an open-source communications server based on Asterisk and many other tools.



SQL is a must in the world of IT, but there’s one that I found a lot, and that is MariaDB. But dono’t forget MySQL.


Artificial Intelligence

AI nowadays is a vast concept, so I’m just focusing on LLMs. With that said, my favorite tools are RASA, Hugging Face, LangChain and Langflow. These are the tools I mostly use when working with LLMs.

hugging face


One of the pillars of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is observability. That said, Grafana is a well-documented tool that could be used for that purpose and much more.



Unlike pandas, PySpark, Matplotlib, etc., which require prior knowledge to work with, I’ve found a tool that is user-friendly and has an awesome UX. I’m talking about Metabase. With Metabase, you can create beautiful reports in seconds. Please try it; you won’t regret it.


API testing

Well, can’t live without them! APIs are what connect multiple applications and allow them to talk to each other. However, to test them, you either need to unsecure your API (don’t do that) or you have one type of authentication. To manage the messaging and security, you have Postman!


Version Control